TiZero: Mastering Multi-Agent Football with Curriculum Learning and Self-Play
AAMAS, 2023
Fanqi Lin*, Shiyu Huang*, Tim Pearce, Wenze Chen and Wei-Wei Tu
Learning Graph-Enhanced Commander-Executor for Multi-Agent Navigation
AAMAS, 2023
Xinyi Yang, Shiyu Huang, Yiwen Sun, Yuxiang Yang, Chao Yu, Wei-Wei Tu, Huazhong Yang and Yu Wang
DGPO: Discovering Multiple Strategies with Diversity-Guided Policy Optimization
AAMAS Extended Abstract, 2023
Wenze Chen, Shiyu Huang, Yuan Chiang, Ting Chen, Jun Zhu
VMAPD: Generate Diverse Solutions for Multi-Agent Games with Recurrent Trajectory Discriminators
IEEE Conference on Games, 2022
Shiyu Huang*, Chao Yu*, Bin Wang, Dong Li, Yu Wang, Ting Chen and Jun Zhu
TiKick: Towards Playing Multi-agent Football Full Games from Single-agent Demonstrations
Shiyu Huang*, Wenze Chen*, Longfei Zhang, Shizhen Xu, Ziyang Li, Fengming Zhu, Deheng Ye, Ting Chen and Jun Zhu
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